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About Us

We are a small family owned business with a primary focus on getting people the cards they want are reasonable prices.


We are a family of seven and are a very busy bunch. However, we have great passions for all things gaming.  One such passion was started 20 years ago when I opened my first pack of 3rd Edition.  Since then, I've been too busy to steadily build a collection.  Whether it was the birth of another child, moving or something that needed to be repaired.  Time just wouldn't allow it. 


Now that things have settled down and we've settled in a rural location, a new problem arose.  There is no one around that sells cards at a reasonable price.  I still have my favorite local store to visit but it now takes 2+ hours round trip!  So, we sat and thought, how can we get cards without leaving the house at a very reasonable price? SUBSCRIPTION BOX!


That leads us to where we sit now.  Embarking together as a family to bring folks who are stuck like us, unwilling to pay MSRP or MORE for the games we love to play.  


From the start we want to emphasize our passion for collectible card games and hope it shines through when you get our box!  Individually packed in a custom designed box with love and care.  Straight out of the booster boxes to your home.  


We hope you enjoy what we are trying to provide and all the fun that's to come in the future!


Take care and thanks again,

Riverwood Cards Family